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Greetings all faithful readers…. and those who aren’t faithful as well.

So I have managed to attach a couple of photos from the last couple of stops that we have made.

The first one is a shot looking down some of the stairs, that Steve wrote about, when we were hiking Hua Shan. The picture doesn’t really do it justice.

A shot close to the top of the mountain. And since we were at the top of the mountain we got to eat by candle light (so romantic).

We then made it to Beijing and the first thing that we saw was the Forbidden City. It is where all the old emporers used to hang out. It was full of some pretty cool buildings and such.

Today we got up early, and took a 4 1/2 hour bus ride out to a section of the great wall. We then got to hike about 10km of the wall, which was really cool. Some of it has been restored and a lot of it was still in shambles. It was amazing though. At the end of it we got to do a zip line, which we did tandem… and upside down.

Just one more day in Beijing and then I head home. It has been a fun trip, and good to see Steve again!


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