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Hey guys,

Dan and I just got down from the mountain. I hurried over to the photo shop, got a cd made, all eager to beat Dan with the pictures onto, but the computers won’t work. They act like they will load a photo, working, working, working-blank screen. I can almost hear them laughing at me. arggg…

Oh well, you can take my word for it that it was awesome. One of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Huge mountain with steps carved into the steep cliffs. It’s one of the five mountains that the Daoists mention in their creation stories fo there is Chinese charecters and steps carved in the cliffs. Some of the steps lead up increadable faces to little houses perched on ledges that are about five feet wide. Even the tourist path is crazy. The first four km. are a impressive incline then it leads into the carved steps. You need to hang onto the chains as the path goes strait up. We gained 1000 meters in the last three km.

We watched the sunset from the west peak and then walked up to the south and tallest peak (2160m). Then we walked to the east peak by moonlight and found a place to stay so we wouldn’t have to go anywhere for the sunrise. The next morning my knees were aching so we took the wussie gondala down from the lower north. We’re on a night train to beijing tonight-off to the big ol’ capital to see the emporer in the forbidden city..


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  1. Jeremy Says:

    I am looking forward to an illustrated book retelling this adventure. Just waiting for the forbidden city and some pictures of the path that goes straight up…. ‘edge of my seat’ …. 🙂

    Sounds exciting.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have enjoyed this past few weeks with the updates from all of you guys. There are so many exciting things happening in your lifes. The pictures are great and the updates. Thanks Jeremy, Kimberly, Daniel and Steven. Mom

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