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The new

Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Now I am in the process of trying to transfer the old site from blogger to wordpress.  I wouldn’t have even decided to undertake this whole adventure, but blogger gave up support for ftp and now if you want to have one of their blogs it must end in and you simply point your URL at their site.  Unless you host with them.  Blah…

I haven’t actually deleted the old site.  It is still on here, but there will be no links from the new to the old.  I am going to try and import everything and hopefully we wont lose all our google “street cred” in the process…

Now all of you that randomly run into this page may be wonder.  will this site be regularly updated.  Well… I can’t really say for sure, but my brothers showed real disapointment at not being able to post to the old site. So… maybe.