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Happy Thanksgiving Sunday Canada!

Steve and I are just waiting to catch a 11pm night train to our next destination. We are going to see the three gorges dam project and the three gorges, that will be no more in a couple of years when the dam is complete. So right now we are just killing some time in Liuzhou, we cruised around the market and then went bowling (and guess who got a turkey in China…). Truely unique experiences ;).

I hope you all are enjoy your turkey dinners! I wish I could be there, mmm turkey and then pumpkin pie….

I am thanful for that I get this oportunity to travel with my brother Steve and see and experience new cultures and have new experiences. I am thankful for my family. Thankful for my loving girlfriend and all my friends.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If I knew how I was going to write a blog wishing you two a happy thanks giving. Anyways, have a good day; I’ll be eating for both you today.


  2. Jeremy Says:

    As will I. I will defintely make sure that your share of pie is taken care of.

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