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Ok, this is my second time through this as the web page cut out right as I finished last time and it never quite flows as good as it did the first time.

I guess it has been a while since my last through update and I have missed putting up pictures for Cuba, Chile and there hasn’t been much said about Dan’s wedding. So…

Cuba – Was fun, very hot, extremely nice people, but the women were maybe a little too friendly.
Chile – Was also fun and it was good that Kim, Judah and my Mom could come. They go to see the sits and I got to see the inside of an office.
Dan’s Wedding – Was probably the most fun. It was good to have a big party with all your family and friends. Really to be hones the lack of updates and pictures for Dan’s wedding should really be his fault. Slacker!

As a note Nicole may not be in the Teeuwsen’s picture area and one of Steve’s old girlfriends may still be there, but it doesn’t change that she is #1 and I just haven’t had the time. Not to mention this is probably something that should be blamed on Dan as well.

Since then we moved out of our house and in with the in-laws. It is actually pretty good living with Kim’s Rents except that I was crawling into bed yesterday when their job jumped up on to the bed and basically peed on me except for the fact that there sheets were between us. Needless to say she got a good kick.

Last weekend we also went to Mark Stewart’s wedding. It was also a lot of fun and gave us an excuse to go to the mountains. Downside was that I didn’t have money to pay for the showers so I was bathing in the freezing cold river when some “friends” stole my shorts. I was stuck on the side of the river with nothing to wear and probably wasn’t in my best form due to the temperature of that river. Not to mention Kim didn’t bring me any clothes as she prefers to see me naked. In the end I was given my shorts back and made it to the wedding fully clothed.

Other then that Steve and I have been faithfully working out every morning in an effort to be buffer then Keith by August 14th when his girlfriend comes home. Lets just say it doesn’t look like I am going to win unless I change my diet significantly and not to mention Keith and Steve are already fairly ripped. At least my wife keeps telling me “Don’t worry you look sexy to me…”

Now you should all be up to date and who knows maybe I will actually keep you up to date on the NFLD trip next week.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    it is always everyone else’s fault hey Jeremy??? Oh Dan didn’t do any updates, oh Keith is more ripped than I am….hahahha

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Well it surely wouldn’t be mine.

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