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So, yes it is true, I did go to Vegas last month. The city of overindulgence. It was pretty cool to see, especially since it was my first time, I was a Vegas Virgin (VV).

So off to see the sites. First up Hoover Damn… er Dam.

It was pretty cool, and amazing that they built this so many moons ago in some pretty gnarly terrain. Nice glasses eh, yeah they were made for a woman. I am quite secure in my masculinity.
Next stop, party time on Freemont St. It is the old strip I think, actual downtown Vegas.

The girls scored some beads from these two lovley individuals.

And DJ and Nicole got the big money…

… well fine it was some religious propoganda about saving our souls from the firery inferno.

Cruising the strip was cool, seeing all the themed hotels and such. My favorite was the Sirens fo TI show at Treasure Island. I know it isn’t really new for every one but for this VV it was cool to see them sink a pirate ship.

The Bellagio water show was cool as well.

Inside Ceasers Palace, DJ chilaxin’ with the girls.

Vegas was pretty cool. Probably the best highlight was Cirque du Soleil show, Mystère, we saw. Oh and we stayed at the Luxor, thanks Ron. Pretty amazing construction, being a pyramid and such. The four faces of the building are the whole structure, the inside is completely open.

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  1. Steve Says:

    hey Dan,

    yours looks better than my stop/crash is vegas. i saw some of the same sights, but i’d bet, odds ten to one at the marriott, that you left in better spirits than i did. unless you, like I, were also cursing that stupid, heathen city, of hidden gravel piles which crash honest, pilgrimaging bikers, and asking God to quench your thirst for vengeance with fire from heaven to burn and purify the city’s eternely scandalous valley, then for a crack in the earth to swallow it all up. although, all the fetid rot of the place would probably have given our wholsome globe indigestion and burps of casino chips and cracked neon lights would have followed me all the way to san diago…

    some might say i’m a bit bitter, pah, i’m just a firm believer in justice, well, when i’m wronged anyway and Oh! how i was wronged, let me tell you! i…….

  2. Jeremy Says:

    🙂 – It is amazing that you still made it back down to Mexico and back.

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