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Hey guys,

Well, our moto-tours don’t have the same bang up, bash ’em style as yours, but we’re pushing on. We’re moving at a rediculously slow pase, but we haven’t seen any other travellers since we’ve left Beijing, so we’re accomplishing our goal of a different trip. I spray painted the back of the green turtle with our pirates trade mark.

This is the crew the day we left Beijing in front of the Olympic countdown clock. I’m convinced China is going to amaize everyone in 2008.

Starting from the left is Johnny from England, Yaya from Isreal, Yuan from Iceland, me then Ziggy from Iceland.

I’m showing Daoda how to use my camera in the muslim resturant we stopped in everyother day in Beijing. They have awesome cabobs. Dan, it’s too bad, I found all the best food after you left.

We’re breaking down every day, so I’m getting to know the tricycles pretty well. Most of our repairs have been on brakes and chains, but we had our first welding job done a few days back.

You can see the beefy size of our motors. Needless to say we peddle pretty hard to go up any of the mountain roads.

This was our first camp in an apple orchard. We met the friendly owner in the morning.

A picture break halfway up our first mountain pass. We were debating weather our bikes would actually make it out of Beijing county let alone to Vietnam.

Unfortuantly my pictures are locked away on a CD that I can’t view in this shop. These are all from Yaya’s (the Isrealie) camera.

Ziggies tricycle broke irreaperably shortly after conferming our fears or realizing our negative self proclomation.

We shortly left him to languish with his bike alone. This is us sitting around and debating weather it was worth the 5 dollars the road workers wanted to go get him and bring him into town. In the end we caved and we went back to get him.

His was the bike that needed to get welded back together.

I love the Icelanders (Yuan and Ziggy) that are with us. They keep us singing and whenever there are a few drinks they get people dancing, whether it is at kerioke or in our small hotel room in the mountains. We were much to cold to camp.

I’m trying one of their really strong Chinese smokes, while dancing with Johny and Ziggy.

We only made it about 17 kms the next day because the guys met some students in town that wanted to take us to dinner and they just couldn’t say no.

Dinner was great though and we did our biggest day the next day a total of 167 kms! We had to make it to a big town so they could extend their visas.

A group shot.

Me on the mighty Green Turtle, which is living up to it’s name. He’s the slowest one.

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  1. Dan Says:

    Dude! That is so cool. What an amazing trip you are now on. Jealousy… is it really that bad.

    Your bike looks sweet and the paint job is awesome.

    Oh, and that coat you bought.. brilliant! It matches perfect for the situation.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Awesome. I really do love the bikes. Hopefully you have enough spare parts.

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