Author: dteeuwsen

Hello from Chongquing!

We are just fresh off the tour of the three gorges. The gorges were pretty spectacular, although the weather was either really hazy or raining. The trip included a trip up to some smaller gorges in a smaller boat, those were quite amazing as well; cliff walls towering hundreds of meters above our heads. We also stopped at this cool little temple/fortress place. You had to climb up about 10 levels of steep stairs of this temple that was built up this rock face. The veiw would have been amazing, except that it was raining and was quite foggy. We were in a room with 4 beds, it was us and an older chinese couple. They were like our chinese parents, making sure that we got off at the right points and that we new when things were happening. The lady, also sewed Steve’s hammock for him.

We are now waiting for night train to Xi-an, where we will be for a couple of days. Then we will hike up a area with 5 mountain peaks you can get to eaisly. Should leave just enough time for a couple of days in Beijing before I have to return home.


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