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Merry Christmas!

Hey family, know I’ll be missing cozy living rooms and Christmas tree’s this Christmas morning… But I heard the package I sent has arrived, so you can all talk about how great I am when you’re opening it… and how much you miss me.

We had the Christmas play at school last weekend. I rode in on a motorcycle in a Santa suit. The directors husband set off fireworks as we(the other two foreign teachers) drove in circles, with Santa is coming to town. We ran up on stage, introduced the play and then it was my KA1’s play a Christmas Carol so I stripped off the Santa suit. I was wearing my sparkely Scrooge suit underneath. There were a few more plays and then I was Frosty the Snowman for my KB2’s play. The teachers had to play a little song and i scored the Maracas seeing as how I’m so musically talented. Then I was Santa again to say good by and hand out candy. It was a blur of costume changing, techno-Christmas carol, candy throwing confusion.

After all the flash and show, I headed back to my place. J was having a house warming/ Christmas party. We packed our place. It was pretty loud until about 4, but there were no complaints and I got to meet J’s buddies from Jungli and Taoyuan.

Most of my friends are getting together for Christmas Eve at a pretty nice restaurant. The Anglers will play and we’ll be eating lobster and such. No turkey on the menu unfortunately. Christmas morning I’ll be having people over for stockings. We’ll all be bringing about 10 little somethings and I’ll throw ’em in different bags and we’ll cheers Christmas. My buddy Lora will have a pot luck at her house that night.

It’s no Christmas at home but, it’s a whole lot more festive then my last Christmas.

Merry Christmas,



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