Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Are you ready for space travel? In news today… “a privately built rocket has successfully made two trips to the edge of space in two weeks, winning a $10-million US award…” Read the CBC article.

The wining US team sounds like it has it together…

“The American-built SpaceShipOne reached an altitude of 100 kilometers above Earth on Monday, marking its second successful flight to the internationally recognized entry point to space. Its first successful attempt came last Wednesday.”

The American’s launch their space ship from the belly of a jet they call White Knight. There were two Canadian teams among the more than two dozen competitors vying for the $10,000,000 prize.

Now this funny. Looks cool, but is sponsored by online gambling…

“The Toronto-based team da Vinci Project, sponsored by internet gambling site Golden, plans to launch from a balloon in October, according to team leader Brian Feeney.”

Check out their site daVinci Project.

The other project is the Canadian Arrow which doesn’t appear to be making as much progress.

All I know it is time to build a space ship or maybe start with model rockets. I am going to have to talk to Craig.

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