Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

First just a little Paralympics promotion as our team is doing pretty good as far as Canada’s Olympic standard. We now have 8 golds compared to only 3 in the Olympics as well as we are currently ranked 8th as far as gold metals which is one above the US and 14 behind China, but who knows. We are suppose to be the best when it comes to wheel chair basketball and a few other sports so… there could be more gold on our horizon.

Last night at my wife’s request mind you we watched Mean Girls. I had never heard of it before entering the movie store and after seeing some posters I had second thoughts. Then I was reminded that Kim’s brother Steve was going to be renting it tomorrow. While at the counter I asked the guy what the movie was about. He looked at me then the movie then paused for a minute and as I was about to tell him not to worry about it he said well… “It is a good movie, but not because of the story line.” Well I guess I know why Steve is going to watch it.

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