Beach rather than Skiing

Author: steeuwsen

Well I’ve been sitting here reading all of your posts of ski trips and schenanigans. It occationaly sends me stewing in pits of longing for the rolling contours of unbroken wind drifts and sparsely treed knolls. So, Friday I hopped on a bus at around 2 in the morning (so Saturday if you like technicalities) and arrived in Kenting at about seven. We headed strait for Frog rock marine park. It’s got a gorgous white beach with volcanic rock headlands popping up at one side. I strung up the hammock and with the days work over and it already being sunny and hot, I swam in the cool water, dried off, swam, dried off, played in the sand a little, took a nap, chatted with some other people that came down, and headed out to see Scott play. If you’re interested in what ole Scott cook is up to check out . The websight name is a little self inflating I’d say. Well I would say if I wasn’t writhing on Anyway some stompin’ tunes and crashing in my hammock finished things off. No better place to wake up than the beach. You can just jump in that water and straiten your head out and you’re already at where you want to be spending the day. Sorry there was no bumbling down stairs on a boogie board or anything so you’ll just have to wait for Dan’s next post to chuckle.


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