Danish Skiiers

Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Well… I had everything on the bus. I was ready to go on the ski tour and…. the local ski shop called and said they needed me again. Bah. There goes my ski tour with the crazy Norwegians. Instead I taught Danish people to ski. They don’t even have hills in Denmark. I found out that there tallest “Mountain” is 120 meters or 360 feet. Oh well, there is still lots of winter left and I did have a good time. It just wasn’t what I expected to be doing.

Kim’s birthday is rapidly approaching. It is actually next week March 3rd. Just in case you didn’t know or you forgot or you don’t really know her. Feel free to send her letters, emails, small packages, large packages and so on. Her email is kimberlyteeuwsen@hotmail.com or if the letter package route is the one you prefer our address is on the contact page. She doesn’t look at the web page to often so I am sure it will still be a surprise.

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