Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Every week we take the groups Rodelling. Rodelling is basically just tobogganing, but we go for 7 killometeres (about 4 miles) down a mountain around tight corners at the same time as a hundred other people. Maybe you have seen one of the movies we have on the site. Often rodeling ends up in at least a few injuries from broken ankles to twisted knees and so on. Last night thankfully we had no major injuries, but wow did we have some crashes. When particular individual never did figure out how to steer his rodel and would get it going straight, build up tremendous speed, and then crash into the wall over pumps through people you name it he did it. His nephew was originally riding with him until the first major crash when he started riding with me. One of his crashed included launching his rodel down over the edge of trail through the trees across the ski slope down another steep hill and into a tree. Thankfully my tracking skills are second to none and I managed to find this broken torn apart rodel sitting in this tree. We have never actually damaged one of the rodels before, but his intent was to ensure that no one would ever ride his rodel again. When searching for his rodel I left him my rodel and told him to keep going with his nephew. When I returned they were still there. His nephew refused to ride with him and so the night continued. I mean after all we were only half way down. If only I had one of the digital cameras so I could share with you the sights I saw that night.

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