Email from Steve

Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Well I just got a very interesting email from Kim’s brother….

“hey sex kitten, what’s up? How’s the old knee? That’s good. I heard Kim’s

better than you now. (ohhhh..i got you good! how does it feel there, big

guy?) so anywho, i was suppose to go skiing with keith this week but I

bailed out. But that won’t stop the ski video comeback of Stephen Campbell,

skier extraordinaire, I’ll show you doubters what I can do (by the way, to

quote Drew Barreth — “hey steve, i hear when it comes to skiing, kim really

kicked your ass”). But how do I post it? You could always give me posting

rights to your website, to add a little of the steve charm. or I could talk

to dan or whatever to post it. How’s austria? any hot fraulines that want

a good strong canadian boy? No? maybe I should change how I approach this.

how’s this: “any respectable young women that would appreciate the company

of a caring young christian fellow?” is that better? Which one should I

use? I’ll take your advice, casanova, because when it comes to chicks, you

seem to be pretty on the ball. Anyways, just thought I’d give you a write,

say high to kimbone”

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