knee update

Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Well I went to the doctor and me knee is pretty sore especially after he started pushing on it. Does this hurt? Yes Does this? Yes And this? YES And this? Yes already it hurts. Anyway he said that I didn’t rip anything, but only stretched a ligament and that I should ski for somewhere between a few days and a few weeks. I am opting for a few days. I am hoping that it will be good to go for Monday. Maybe not, but lets hope so.

The biggest thing with hurting the knee is feeling so stupid. I was going to do a back flip, but thought nah what if I get hurt. Better just stick to going off straight. Man… I probably would have been fine doing the back flip instead. Although Kim says I probably would have broke my back. lol Either way I will try and take it easy so I don’t get injured again.

I fixed up the ski clips movie a bit. I took out a couple of clips, added some silly music, some fades, titles, and slowed some of the jumps a bit. I am just starting to play with Premier. Hopefully by the end of winter we have some pretty good movies.

Have a good one and Brooke & Kim say hi to everyone.

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