Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

I know it has been slow coming, but I have finally put up some pictures of the Radio Africa Project trip. It was a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun. The highlights were:

Putting up the Tower and Antenna.

Just receiving the antennae in time was a Miracle. It was suppose to be locked away in customs for up to six weeks and we got it within 24 hours of it landing in Conakry.

Swimming in the Ocean and teaching our driver Michelle how to swim. He may have only swam about 2 feet, but he was so excited that he might as well of just swam 2000 feet.

Training the people that were going to run the radio station was also an interesting experience. They were very bright, but had little hands-on experience. The main tech had a degree in Radio Technology, which was a five year program in which he did not touch a single piece of equipment. Everything was on paper.

The country was amazing, the people that I traveled with and visited were great, it is always good to know that the project was a success. I put a whole bunch more pictures in the Radio Africa Gallery. Radio Africa Pictures

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  1. Dolores Tjart Says:

    Jeremy you look just like your Dad there on top of the tower.!

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