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Hello Cyber Space Travellers!

Last weekend I went on a 3 day backpacking trip in Jasper National Park….

I present to you “The Skyline Trail”

I went with my buddy Rick, his wife Michelle, and their brother-in-law Jaden

We had some rain, a very small bit of snow and one Grizzly Bear!

The Skyilne Trail is 44km long. We did it in 3 days, I think if I had the time 4 would be better.

The Skyline Trail has an elevation gain of 1350m.

The Skyline Trail has end points at Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon.

The Skyline Trail has 7 designated campsites – ohh ahhh

The Skyline Trail is above the tree line for 23km.

The Skyline Trail …. well I don’t have many more useless peices of information. It is an amazing hike and one of the most popular ones in Jasper. I now can see why, the views are just absolutely stunning! My pictures don’t really do it justice, but here are a couple more.

There is nothing quite like backcountry camping, I love being away from everything and just you, your friends, and the mountains.

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  1. Yvonne Says:

    one year Dan we will all half to go it looks awesome.

  2. Fehr Says:

    Dan, sweet pictures, I have been waiting to see yours. I didn’t get a chance to see them in the tent. Thanks for coming with us. We will have to do it again with Nicole – well not the Skyline, another one. let me break my boots in some more too….


  3. Fehr Says:

    Hey Dan,

    my knee is working properly again, and I have only been using the bathroom for #2 once a day. That was fun and from talking to others, we hit the trail at a great time. Next hiking trip Jeremy must come. Felt like the old days over the weekend. I need to spend more time with the Teeuwsen clan.


  4. Jeremy Says:

    Sounds good to me. It has been to long since I was last on the trails.

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