Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen
NFLD Day …
Well we ran out of Internet access and then Air Canada lost our baggage and now that we have finally gotten it back we can give you the final update. Well at least as far as Kim, Judah, Dan, Nicole and Myself are concerned. Mom and Dad are still there looking around.

Homes on the Water

Judah get’s his feet in the other Ocean. He has now been in two.

The Wedding Reception

Judah making his own fun at the reception.

Outside the Reception infront of the coast card.

I know another picture of Judah, but this time he is in the sand. 🙂

Kim and Nicole in the Ocean.

Sunset on the Ocean and if you waited a little longer you would of seen a few white bums jumping into the water. 🙂

Judah in his first life jacket.


Dan being held up by the wind.

Island that will be used in my pirate movie.

Another picture of the island.

Nicole on the shore.

Boat ride to pirate island.

Kyaking with the Teeuwsens.

Kyaking professional.

Still alive after it’s all done.

Climbin the statue of Mary.

Some more homes.

Mom on the Rocks.

More homes.

Trying to catch up on sleep on the way home.

It was a good trip and we met a lot of great people. Yup, I would do it again.

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