Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Life with Judah is going well, but we seem to for some reason to be a lot more tired… wouldn’t know why that is.

Today we went to go and check out our house, which as you can see is coming along …

… and just before leaving cute little Judah, as seen here with his teddy bear (that his Aunty Heather made), …

… made our lives interesting. His diaper was dirty as it normally is, so seeing as I am on diaper duty when ever I am home, only fair, I took him over to the change table. Everything was going well, but then he starts to peeing first reaction for me is put my hand over it, but as usual I am not quite quick enough and he has already peed in his ear. So, I am cleaning up his face when he starts pooping! I am scrambling trying to get something under him and trying to block any projectiles, when low and behold old faithful goes off and the next thing you know my hands are back in there trying to block the pee. Oh and I forgot to mention sometime between the projectile poo and old faithful he starts spitting up all over himself. Now by some miracle the waste damage his been limited to the change table and I am only covered in pee from the elbow down. Needless to say it’s bath time.

Well Judah’s all cleaned up we go and look at the house, go for a walk, he eats a little presleep snack I go to change him and we relive the whole #@!$ thing again.


Well at least he is pretty good around the rest of you…

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  1. mom Says:

    He’s to cute to get mad at.

  2. Sharla Kostelyk Says:

    Boys! Changing their diapers is always risky! Now they have these little tents you can buy to use to protect yourself from the spray! You could look into getting some of those but it sounds like blocking the pee with your hand is working all right too!

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