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I have some very EXCITING news! Well at least it is exciting to me…..

I asked Nicole to marry me. And against all logic, and possibly to some peoples disbelief, she said yes….

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  1. Jeremy Says:


    I think we are going to need another round of Champaign.

    Congratulations again.


  2. Drew Says:

    So awesome. Congratulations you two!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Dan, Congrats!!! Sonya and I are so happy for you two! Finally took the plunge, nice work!

  4. Steve Says:

    Congradulations Nicole and Dan!

    Nice ring! Who knew where seeing me off at the Old Strathcona Hotel would lead? Although I had an inkling when you stayed up late talking after I fell asleep and the next day you both told me that the other was really cool. It’s sweet to see things are better than cool.

    I think you should really consider a reception at that Strat to complete the circle. I can see it now: jars of pickled eggs and beef jerky on the banquet table, no need for a band with the great jukebox, and eighty cent glasses all around. Every girls dream reception, eh Nicole? ha ha

    love ya,

  5. Jeremy Says:

    Now that sounds like a winner. Not only is the price rate, but you can just use all your peacock feathers to decorate the pickles…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve booked the strat! it’s going to be open to the public so maybe we’ll get some free drinks! i’ve also decided that my dress should be part leather (for class) and part denim (for comfort)to fit the occasion. it’ll be such a beautiful day!!!!
    I’m a fiancee!! I’m Dan Teeuwsen’s fiancee!! yay!

  7. matty T Says:

    So Dan finally grew a set of balls….Congrats you two!

  8. mom one of the original t's Says:

    Yes congradulations you two.I’m looking forward to having another daughter in the family. It will be wonderful.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    congrats to the two of you and to your families!! neal & i are so happy for you!
    dan, took you long enough, but it was worth it, you got the specs just right 😉
    nicky, hmm, just reminiscing re. 2 yrs ago on the balcony of the old apartment before your guy’s “first date” i love you two! congrats again!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Lookin forward to celebrating with you two tomorrow in style….


    Ps. my lent ends tomorrow at sundown 🙂

  11. Sharla Kostelyk Says:

    Congratulations you guys! That is just awesome news!!!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Yaaaaaahooooooo Mountain Dew!
    Congratulations Dan and Nicole! I had a feeling. I knew you were going to do it, just didn’t know when you were going to bite the bullet, Dan! Sweet. Love to help celebrate your wedding with you. A good reason for another road trip out west this year. A. Donna

  13. Dad Says:

    Dan, we are very proud of you choosing Nicole to be your wife. Wishing you both all the best.

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