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Hello SNOW!

Shortly after Christmas Jon, Jordan and I headed up Wudang Shan and I got my first taste of snow in a long time. It was hugely foggy on the hike up and the wind was howlling when we made it to the monistary on the top of the mountain. “Tut tut, feels like snow poo bear”, I said to Jon.

We ate a load of rice and veggies in the dining hall. It’s really funny to see the monks come in out of the wind and crowd around the t.v. to watch Chinese soaps. It’s the new China I guess.

There were scurying sounds coming from the empty bunk above us that night, but we tried not to think about it as we huddled for warmth in our heaterless dorm room. We stuffed up the hole in the window with our hats, but it was still pretty drafty.

In the morning there was a thick new layer of windblown frost on everything and snow falling in the trees as we slid our way down the mountain. It was so sweet to be throwing snowballs after all this time with no snow. I know I you’re probably thinking, “oh, poor Steve with no snow. It’s almost as tough for him as it is for Hawii with three days of shade”, but you’d miss it too.

Happy New Year 🙂

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  1. Jeremy Says:

    It’s ok we don’t really have any snow here either. Getting a bit depressing with all the brown. Hopefully this weekend will have enough snow to ski…. 🙂

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I feel the pain one can feel at the lack of snow steve. Jeremy is not the only one. I’m feeling lonely for snow here too. There are a lot of people saying how great it is, especially for driving, but I say that’s the best part! Donuts rule!
    Happy New year, Merry Christmas, and have a Happy Chinese New Year as well!

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