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Well, we had one more day in Wu Tai Shan. I took off before the boys got themselfs outta bed and into the cool morning. It was so nice to wander the town and hillside by myself. I like travelling with people, but I need to be alone too take my time making pictures and musing.

I headed through some temples and found the path we would need to take up the mountain. I met a few road workers and snapped pics, till I went back and found the guys in a reasturnat.

We did get one white mountain that morning. We hiked up the mountain to the sounds of Cigaros (sp?) playing off Yaya’s ipod speakers. They’re an icelandic band which has added itself to the list of reasons I should visit Iceland. You can spot Ziggy through the doors here. He’s the one that gave me the first listen to the band.

We had to rush down the mountain to make it to the bus, but we did it with minuets to spare, got back to the bikes and the next day made it here to the capital, Taiyuan.

Hope you’re feeling great today. Why not, eh?


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  1. Crystal Browne (Teeuwsen) Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Your pictures are amazing! It doesn’t sound like you’ll make it back for Christmas/Boxing Day but whenever you do come home I’d love to see the rest! Looks like you’re having many adventures – very exciting! Best of luck with the rest of the trip!

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