Author: dteeuwsen

Hello from China. Things are going pretty good here. I have made it to Hong Kong after 15 1/2 hours of flights and met up with Steve and we are now taking the country by storm.

On Monday, the we crusised around Hong Kong doing all sorts of touristy things like riding the tram and taking the worlds longest escilator system. Then Monday night we were treated to a wonderful home cooked dinner at the place of Ron and Sarah Koyich, it was a real treat.

Tuesday we then got up early, partly because we wanted to get an early start on the day and partly because I was still suffering jet lag, and took the train into mainland China at Guangzhou (sp?). We then cruised around a marked a bit and took a night train to Gui Lin. We arived in Gui Lin at 6:30 in the morning and hoped onto a bus to Yangshuo where we are right now. Today we rented some bikes and biked to Moon Mountain. Moon Mountain is this cool mountain with an arch in the middle of it. We then hiked up to the very top of the mountain and took some photos and took in the view of the amazing peaks around. From there we took our bikes and went for a tour of the country side biking through rice paddies and along a river.

Tomorrow we are going to spend here before moving on again. I will see if i can’t post some pictures later.

That is all for now. Cheers!

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