Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Tuesday night Kim and I went to the movie Crash with a few friends. It wasn’t to bad, but seeing as I like to be mindlessly entertained it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

At any rate we went to bed only to be rudely awoken by a great big man trying to kick down our door. I heard the bangs, went down stairs and had a little chat with him. He was convinced that his friends lived in my house, that I needed to wake them up and if I didn’t let him in he was going to tear my house a part in the morning. I asked for the address he was looking for and he was out by about 6 avenues and 2 streets. I tired to explain, but it got me nowhere. Eventually I convinced him to go away. Needless to say he was quite drunk and it took a lot of work, but he managed to walk away.

So… the next morning as I am heading out to work I notice that the guy must have fallen off of the steps and into the flower garden on his way up to the door. I found his wallet, cell phone, and lighter. Rather then phone China we turned his stuff into the Cops for them to return. I did however notice that he was gainfully employed at the local strip club. All in all a bit of an adventure.

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