Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Many of you are looking at Steve’s pictures and reading about his adventures and your wondering… What about the other Teeuwsen’s? What happened to them? How come they never post anything? Well have I got some exciting news for you.

Dan has bought a new dishwasher and is hoping to pick it up tonight.

Keith is studying in school and although he is doing the best out of the Teeuwsen’s in engineering is considering leaving it all for a career in teaching extreme sports.

Mom & Dad just got a new bed. Enough said.

Kim & I (Jeremy) are just living the easy life. It isn’t terribly exciting, but that being said it isn’t terribly difficult so how exciting could it really be anyway?

Now I know there is a world of other Teeuwsen’s out there. Some of which I know of and they are doing all kinds of interesting things and maybe we will have to change the format of so that everyone can post. We will see…

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