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Hey all,
I’m back home and it’s sweet to be here. I’m working hard on getting a application to photography school in Montreal. It’s coming together so hopefully it arrives on time.

I’ve got some photo’s organized from the philippines so I’ll start at the getting on the plane,

After we flew in we caught a night bus up north to Bagio. It’s the capital of mountain province and pretty cool but there aren’t really any touris attractions,

The market was cool there though and it was a good break in the buss trip to Sagad which is about 13 hours. Here’s a view from the us over the broken and washed out “highest road in the Philippines”.

We decided Sagada is the Banff of the Philippines. It’s a high alpine town with lots of tasty pines to keep things smelling good. There’s lots to check out: hanging coffins on the cliffs, caves, rice terraces and friendly people in theis little town. We caught the town festival and parade,

Here are some bitter looking punks from the local Scout troup,

Here’s the creepy coffins the’ve been hanging around for about 100 years,

Not all of them so successfuly..

It was a cool town but we didn’t stick around long. We cruised up to Batad where there were we had to hike in to stay. It was such a sweet spot, the terraces as I wrote to some of you are CRAZY.

Here’s the two of us hiking in. A guy at the bus stop tried to convince us we needed a guid. We knew we probably didn’t need a guide and we didn’t, but it turned out for the best. Because it was near sunset and he carried Alia’s pack up a shortcut that was like climbing a wall of stairs.
It reminded me of the hike I planned of 22kms of though switch backs and mosquitos I planned a few summers ago. Yeehaw

And another overview shot of the terraces, but I promis it’s the last.

Did I say it was sweet to be up in the mountains? It was so sweet. We hiked around, up and down terraces, swam in the waterfall and saw the brightest I’ve ever seen.

From the mountains we went on a race to the beach. We hiked out in the morning, bought a few masks and then took the Ice Box night buss for 10 hours. The thing just kept on pumping the AC. I ended up taking down the curtains to curl up in most of the way to Manilla. We waited around for the airport to open and then took the first plane out to Palawan. We flew, then from the airport we went into town got some supplies and took a dusty, bumpy jeepny ride to Sabang.

I was feeling a little drained walking from the airport

And it was so worth it when we were finaly swimming,

We Beached and island hopped snorkelling for the rest of the trip. I haven’t up loaded any of the pictures yet, but I think I’ve up loaded enough of these and I’m not even usre it is going to work.

Got any high flying skiing shots to post yet?…

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