Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

I got an interesting letter forwarded to me about the recent Edmonton Police Sting.


Police Sting?

Does the fact that both the targeted Edmonton Sun news columnist and the chairman of the Edmonton Police Commission taking cabs home not confirm that they had drank too much to drink to drive their own vehicles? Were and are they upset that they had to leave their vehicles? Were the streets not that much safer because they and who knows how many other notables did not drive home? Do these high-profile people not expect police scrutiny? Are they above the law?

Now had they pushed their luck and attempted to drive home, been stopped, arrested, and subsequently found to not be impaired, then they could scream that their rights had been infringed. That did not happen; so why are they howling now?

Those of us that have lost friends and relatives to drunk drivers have no problem with police targeting and laying in wait for possible drunk drivers- and I hope the police will not be intimidated by this huge media storm and turn a blind eye to any future offences these individuals may contemplate. I just hope that next time the police are more cognizant of the media police-radio scanners that allowed the present suspects to be forewarned.

H. Johnson

Sherwood Park

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