Author: steeuwsen

Hey all. I got back from the visa run to Bangkok fine. Best visa run ever, actually. I usually fly to Hong Kong and don’t leave the airport, because it’s a little cheaper. It was Halloween though, so Alia and I went to Thailand.

I went strait from the schools Halloween party, with vampire makeup still on my face, to the airport and flew in really early Saturday morning. Alia and I mostly hung around the City. Eating good food and cracking beers on river boats. The river boats are awesome. We cruised around on a longtail boat for a few bucks to see some of the small canals, the rickety houses on the river with kids jumping off the boat docks.

We tried to do to the Grand Palace but got there to late, but we did get into one temple and to the ridiculously big weekend market. I found mask I’d like to buy but, I thought I’d look around a bit more and I spent about an hour wandering around lost, trying to find the shop again with no luck. The place is a maze.

We hung around Koh San rd. For Halloween which was a circus. It’s a backpacker strip of bars, shops and guest houses. The streets were filled with riotous Halloween fun all night. We had to crash early. Alia was leaving at 7 the next morning. The party was still going when she caught the bus to the airport.

I had a couple of days more so I went to the beach. The closest beach to Bangkok is Patya. But the town is supposed to be sleazy and the beach dirty, so I went a little further to Rayong. It’s pretty much just a Thai resort town so it’s empty mon-fri when everyone works. It was great I spent two days: not talking to anyone, reading and swimming. At night there was a big moon and little phosphoresce in the water.

From the Airport I went strait back to school, in time to get back for my one o-clock class on Wednesday and Alia’s B-day party last night. It was great, lots of friends came out and we feasted on good food. She’s caught up to me now, but I’ll be passing her again soon enough…

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