Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Ok I plagiarized the following from Drew‘s web page, but it sure was funny especially as I sit here beside our dog and wonder what it’s would have to say. Not to mention my last couple of posts may have been a bit dull.


I happened to be browsing the American Dialect Society’s website and noticed that the most outrageous word of the year for 2003 was Neuticles… fake testicles for neutered pets. Now seriously, who would shell out the money to pay for the piece of mind that their pets self esteem is intact because he’s still got his balls? Veterinarians rave…

“We’ve been waiting for a product like this for years.”

Dr. M. Murray

Western Suburbs Veterinary Clinic

Queensland, Australia(PBS Radio)

The neutering business must be a dull one (no pun intended), to have been waiting for prosthetic testicles for any length of time. Think of how the dog must feel… he goes in for surgery and when he wakes up he notices no changes except for a massive incision on his lickables. His only rational thought at that point must be, “Those fockers sliced me down there for no reason!” At which point he probably runs away.

If anyone is interested in joining the ranks of Nuticle-izers, but don’t have a pet to sacrifice, they can always buy some merch from the Neuticle shop. My personal favorites are the necklace and the BBQ apron, because you know that pet owners who care enough to put nut implants in their pets, just love to fry up a big ol’ fat steak.



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