Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Last night proved to be a bit interesting. We had some people over to watch a movie. Everyone pretty much headed home just a little after 12:00 and we were just in bed when we hear this loud banging on the door. I head down fully unaware of where I am or what is going on and as I got to the door there was no one there, but out the window I could see some cop cars and now DJ & Jeaninne (renting the basement) are out side talking with the cops. Jeaninne waves and I assume everything is under control and although I am a bit curious as to what is going on I just go back to bed instead. Kim on the other hand, who is part secret agent, can’t sleep even minute or two she is asking me what I think is going on and how come we aren’t out there and… Eventually we hear the cops leave and in the interest of me sleeping rather then listening to Kim’s questions we go down stairs to ask what has happened.

Turns out someone was trying to steal Jeaninne’s Dodge Shadow when the neighbours saw them and called the police. In came the helicopter and some more cops and they caught the would be theives with in a few blocks and recovered Jeaninnes 50 cent movie passes. After everything was said and done Jeaninne’s car has some damage, but she does have her movie passes and at 2 in the morning they had to go to the police station and file a report. What a hassel, but thank goodness for good neighbours that stay up late.

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