Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Well just another day in Edmonton. Raining as usual and it looks like it is going to rain all weekend. Today as we were picking up supplies for the lake, food, at Sobey’s (formally IGA (grocery store for those of you that are still lost)) they had a shopping cart guy who’s responsibility was to hold an umbrella over customers head’s as they headed to their cars. The thing is that he had to be about 12 and maybe 5 feet tall if he was lucky and his umbrella was probably 5 feet across. Needless to say he couldn’t open it and fought with it for probably 10 minutes. He was in the umbrella, under the umbrella, over it you name it and for the majority of the time you couldn’t even see him, because his umbrella was so big. In the end he lost the war and went back in to get a slightly smaller, but more manageable umbrella and after only a few seconds had it open and was rescuing customers from the rain.

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