Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Well the Tour of Great Britain is of to an amazing start. Actually it is already half over. We met Steve on the second day, toured London and looked for available British Girls for Steve to take home. Well there has been limited success, but many attempts. Steve would like to add that he spent a few hours talking to one in teh hostel, but the problem is he used all his lines in the first day and had none for the second day. lol Well he is getting better. Maybe sometime in the next 9 days he will score and by score I mean convince a girl to go to Canada. Just in case you thought seomthing else.

Then we rented the car… this is truly the beginning of our adventure. First we coudn’t find the car rental place. We decided to take a different bus then the one they recommended to take to th rental place at the Heathrow Sheraton. Unfortunately we were dropped off not at the Sheraton, but in the middle of nowhere halfway between two Sheraton’s and do you think anyone actually knew which Sheraton was the Heathrom Sheraton. Nope. So, needless to say we headed first to the wrong one, but after about halfway we were directed towards the correct one. On a positive note we were upgraded multiple car levels and instead of getting a small matchbox we received a fillly loaded Vauxhall Vectra that is of similar size to a Toyota Camry. We then settled into our positions, myself as driver, Steve as navigator, and Kim relaxing in the back. She is after all the master planner and in the end is in charge.

With Steve as our navigator and myself driving on the wrong side of the road, shifting with the wrong hand, and driving a rental which they are sure to remind you repeatedly that even the smallest of scratches will cost. Sow e got lost. We had to drive all the way back into Heathrow depatures just to get our bearings and then after pretending to drop someone off we were on our way. We saw Leeds Castle, Stone Henge, and camped by the Roman Baths in Bath. While at Leeds we had our frist slurpee in 9 months the unfortunate thing is that it was probably the smallest slurpee I have ever seen and cost 1 Pound. This is probably the most expensive country I have ever been to.

We are now staying with Andy and Hazel by Lancaster and Capernwray Hall. It has been great satying with them. Theya re treating us like a couple of Kings and a Queen. Fancy breakfasts and the easy life. Thank goodness they came to Austria in the winter so we could give them ski lessons and work the angle on a great place to stay. Not to mention now that Andy has had ski lessons with me he is preparing for the backwards skiing race which he hopes will be a demonstratio sport in the next Winter Olympics.

On a Olympic note the only medal we have heard that Canada has one was a Silver which they lost to Britan in the Koxs 4s (4 man rowing race). We have been reminded repeatedly of our loss and how produ the British are of their athletes. they are always careful to remind us at the end that the Canadians were such good sports after their loss. Well I guess that may count for something.

We are off to Scotland so if ther is time we will update again, but otherwise we will let you know how it went once we get home. Hopefully it is all clear. It is hard to type clearly when it is a Pound for every 20 minutes and you only have one Pound.

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