Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Thank-you for all the birthday support. It was a great day. Below is a picture of Kim and I. I am wearing my birthday clothes, new shirt from Kim, necklace by Kim, and Touque by Kim. She is definitely multitalented.

It is hard to believe, but today is our last day here at Tauernhof. Early tomorrow morning we fly out of Salzburg for London. Spend a couple of weeks touring around and then we are back in Edmonton. Home to see many of you again. Very exciting, but still a bit of mixed emotions as it has been such an amazing time here. So many good people and good times. Maybe we will be back again.

One other piece of good news for all readers/viewers. A new video camera is in sight. I am very excited to say that a very large and generous donation (non birthday related) has been made to the memorial fund and once I get home a new camera will be purchased and new movies made. I know that many of you can hardly wait to see what will be next in the movie archives, but only time will tell. Does Edmonton hold the same excitement as Schladming. I think so. It just might take a little more time to discover.

I will try and update you a bit while in London, but otherwise see you in two weeks or rather you will see me.

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