Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Well all most all the students are on their solo. The students that are sick or injured have been asked to do a solo of sorts here at the school, but we will see how well they stick to it. The solo is a 48 hour time period where the students are alone in their own little section of wilderness. They are left with a tarp, rope, 2 carabineers, sleeping bag, sleep mat, and some clothes. They are regularly given water, but are suppose to use the time to build a shelter and then fast and spend time with God. Quite a unique opportunity.

Quick story. We had just gotten to our previous camping spot and were meeting in our teams to discus the events of the last day and how the students were doing in general. Just as the meetings were beginning a heard of cows came down into the tenting area and proceeded to put there noses into the tents and packs. A few brave students ran over to the cows trying to scare them away and sort of heard them to another area. Needless to say none of them were very experienced farmers and the cows quickly got past them. One rather adventurous cow proceeded to eat a students shirt and was just about finished it when one of the students scared the cow and in the process the cow left the shirt behind. The cow however did not have enough and proceeded to dodge some more students got in close and began to eat another shirt this time the cow successfully managed to swallow the entire shirt, but after being chased spirit the shirt back up. Well both shirts where safely recovered and will be used again, but likely not until they have been washed again. 🙂 Very entertaining to watch!

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