Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Well the unthinkable has occurred… my video camera is no more. At least not currently. It and the water proof case worked perfectly the entire time we were canyoning. I cot all kinds of good footage, but on the last drop as the case hit the water it opened up, filled up with water, and sank with my camera in it. Right before my eyes. So, depressing. Tomorrow I am going diving to see if I can find it and if I am extremely lucky, which I doubt, it may even work after drying out. Bah… as I sit here I was I was already there diving and trying to save it’s little electronic life. Not to worry though I make 50 Euro/month and the camera was worth about 400 Euro so if I just don’t spend any money for the next 8 months I will be able to buy a new one. 🙁

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