Author: dteeuwsen

Went climbing today at the U, good times had by all. I was struck that when I got there I instantly got this sorta happy, exciting feeling inside. I guess it can be a combination of good memories of past times there and excitement adout getting back into something that I quite enjoy doing. The climbing wall has provided many hours of solving problems and just hanging out with some cool people. The people that are there are I find are some of the most friendly people I have ever met. It is just an enjoyable, relaxing environment to be in. Plus the climbing is pretty good as well. I think I enjoy climbing because it is a combination of physical and metal exercise, plus it is a sport where you compete against yourself and push yourself to do some pretty cool moves. Nothing quite like when you redpoint the route or problem you have been working on for a while. Well I hope to continue the trend and get back into a regular climbing schedule, and am looking forward to getting out doors for a couple of trips.

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