Author: dteeuwsen

So now that spring is here, and hopefully it isn’t going to snow again, Mountain Bike riding is in full effect these days. I am pretty excited as I haven’t really done a whole lot over the winter and getting out and doing something you love is just so invigorating. But alas, rides don’t always go the way you want them to. Take for instance last ride, me and a tree decided to get at it. I went head first with everything I had, and the tree still won. Well at least I have something to show for it; this nice picture and a cracked helmet. The tree it had nothing.

I was going down this very steep hill when my back tire slid out, and I went down and right head first into a tree. Fortunately the helmet did its job and absorbed a lot of the impact and I just had to get a couple of stitches to my ear and a bit of a stiff neck. This is a warning to all those who think they are too tough to wear a helmet…. WEAR A FREAKIN’ HELMET!! Anywho, I am fine, just a little trouble sleeping on one side of my head. Should be back on the trails in no time.

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