Red Robin

Author: dteeuwsen

Whoever says Edmonton is boring sure wasn’t at Red Robin on Saturday night…

So there we (DJ, Jeaninne, Sarah, Tracy and myself) are at Red Robin, and as always after dinner we headed the Red Robin arcade. This is always one of the highlights of going to Red Robin. How can you go wrong with a 25 cent arcade games. We were having a great time, DJ and I got some high scores on the really old Sega Race car game, and the girls were having a great time with Ms. Pac-man. Then the girls noticed this quite intoxicated guy in the foyer of the restaurant cruisin’ around with his hand down his pants. I think they thought he had to go to the bathroom or something, very odd at any rate. What also is strange is that he has his bike in the restaurant, he wasn’t riding it, just brought it in and put the kickstand up and it was just sitting there, strange. So we are playing our games, when crazy drunk guy comes into the little arcade room, and starts watching Jeaninne play Ms. Pac-man. He makes some comments, probably to the effect of “Ms. Pac-man eh, that game is really old.” Jeaninne ignores him, finishes her game and moves away while this guy starts to play. Somewhere in the middle of it he drops a cigarette on the floor and starts yelling, “Pick up my f’n cigarette.” No one wants to do this and well we are all a little uncomfortable at this point, but it all seems harmless, guy is just a little drunk. So the girls leave the arcade, and I finish up my game and DJ and I go and join them. At this point they must have been getting a little bit tired, or crazy, because they started talking about stealing his bike. Would probably have been funny as he probably wouldn’t be able to figure out what was going on, plus he was quite mean to them, but a little scary as you never know how drunk people are going to react sometime. So, we leave and are standing between the doors when we see some police officers around the corner waving at us to get out. They tell us to get out of the way and go and wait by there car. Minutes later they have there guns drawn, and are entering multiple exits at the same time. Now this is getting kinda of exciting, what is going on. The suspense is killing me…. well apparently the guy had told someone that he had a gun, I guess that is why his hand was down his pants. Now nothing very exciting happened after that, the cops took him out in handcuffs and we went home. But it coulda been a lot different. We never did find out if he had a gun, but I don’t think he did. And what if he did, and what if the girls took his bike, or he got really mad because we didn’t pick up his cigarette….. Or what if the girls took his bike and walked out the door to where the police were…..

Well at any rate, it made the night a little more interesting. The night was capped off with a little SNL and the movie “Grind”, what better way to spend a evening, eh.

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