Family Day

Author: dteeuwsen

So it is Family Day in Alberta. The government has been so nice to give us a day off from working to spend the day with the ones that we love. Unfortunately my family has all decided to defect and run away. My big brother Jer and his wife Kim decided to go and hang out in Austria, Steve ran away to Tiawan to try and teach the locals english, Keith said enough of this I am heading to Banff to go skiing, and my parents went dog sledding in Canmore… I tell you, life is pretty rough for them! Well I hope that they are enjoying themselves. I love my family and the fact that they are so adventurous, it sure makes life more interesting. Even my mom continues to surprise me, for example last summer she did a 40km backpack trip with us. I sure do love my mom!

Well so not much to do today, kinda bored… so what do when you are bored with not much to do…. well here is an idea make websites about you friends with you roommate (well Craig did most of the work… okay like 90% but the 10% of input I put in was really good 😉 ). To start here is a dedication to Dustyn! Hope you all enjoy it, especially you Dustyn.

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