Off to Hong Kong

Author: steeuwsen

Hey Jer looking good climbing, nice to see you have a proud mane growing in there. Looks like you’ll have to get climbing more though, dem rippeling back muscles seem to be a little lacking (not that I can give you a hard time unless rippeling back hair counts).

Well, I’m off to hong Kong tonight. I’ve got to get the visa stamped and wish I had more free time. I’d stay the weekend, but it’s only two weeks till the show and I’ve got to get back and lock myself in the darkroom. So, it’s twelve hours in Hong Kong, 8-8. I guess I’ll see if I can catch a bus into town and dig the streets at night. That’s probably all I’ll able to do though, by the sounds of it everything is so expensive I should pack my food with me. But I’ll get in and shoot a couple pictures so I can show yeh a little of what’s there.

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