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Dan is back in the news.  It’s all on the up and up…

MARL's Under the Sea Rig

Check out the news article… 

The Valentines Experiement

Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

So… the thought was to setup the It is an idea progress and hopefully it will come together next year, but this year I am trying something a little different. It is the 15 days of Valentines. Why 15, well that is how many days there is between my return from Madagascar and Valentines day. Here is the letter I gave to Kim…


As an individual who is continually striving to be more romantic, I have taken a step back this year and thought, “how can I take my romance to a whole new level?”

You are probably thinking, “Jeremy, how is that possible? Your ability to romance me already blows my mind.”

Well… I am not surprised… two minutes in heaven are better than one minute in heaven. Regardless all systems are a go…

Here we are at day one of 15 days of Valentines Cheer! Some are doing 12, or 10, or 1, but this year we will be doing 15. Each day will be broken out into an ultra-romantic poem, song, or other-wise… that will be written down, but that I will also sing and possibly dance to.

Your endearing husband Jeremy

Sydney in apocalyptic dust storm: photos and update – Posted: “Sydneysiders woke up Wednesday to a confusing orange haze that turned out to be one of the worst dust storms on record, grounding flights and causing all kinds of chaos, wonder and amazement:”


Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Now most of you live very exciting edge of your seat type lives, but I know that a few of you do also live boring lives that involve working 8 to 5 everyday and what you need is a little bit of a jump start in the morning before you start work. Some of you are thinking coffee, but no I have two words “Get Fuzzy“. What a great comic. You should read at least 3 or 4 different comics before starting work such as Get Fuzzy or Dilbert or one of Dan’s favorites. Get Fuzzy just had a great run on those antique appraisal shows. Pure Genius. Also CAUTION when reading expodingdog it is not funny to normal people. 🙂 Just people like Dan or Drew.


Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

If you have seen the links, but haven’t checked it out yet go to and give me a call. Thanks to Garnett for showing me this one. It is way better then talking over msn.

Beatbox Harmonica

Author: dteeuwsen

Something to check out, beatbox harmonica. I was fairly impressed. Thanks to Craig for showing me this.