Spider Wars

Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Ok… another Tunisia Story. Kim and I are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight back to Austria. It’s probably about 3am and Kim is sleeping against me and I am just kind of watching other people in the waiting area when I look down and out from the wall walks this big spider whose body is probably 2 inches wide with big meaty legs. One of his legs is folded over his back and he looks like he has been through many spider wars. I look at Kim then the spider then Kim, smile, and then wake her up when the spider is close to her she jumps and is now clinging to my arm. As we watch the spider just keeps cruising across the floor past this old German couple when the lady looks down and see it she jumps so high and fast bumps into her husband who also jumps, but then pushes her closer to the spider so that it will get her instead of him. So now I am starting to laugh quite a bit and the spider seems to not to notice anything and just keeps on cruising across the waiting area and heading for this ladies foot. It reaches her foot and then walks around, but never comes out the other side. All I can think is this poor lady is for one rude surprise. So… I walk over to her and try to explain to her that a spider is probably crawling up her leg, but she is deaf and has no idea what I am saying. So I just grab her leg and shake to which she is kind of wondering who is this guy getting fresh with me. Then looks down and steps on the big spider. She sits there in shock for a little while and then hides behind her friend from this big spider who is now dead.

Heading back I think it is all over and we can rest in peace even though Kim refuses to put her feet on the ground, but then this cat shows up and starts throwing the spider all over the place and eating and spitting it up and eating it and tossing it at peoples feet. Well needless to say I was quite entertained till our flight came.

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