Tunisia Update

Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

We’re Back!!!

Tunisia was a great time. The sun was hot and there was a constant wind that helped make it more bearable. We played lots of volley ball and other sports including wind surfing and even water skiing on the Mediterranean. Water skiing was fun, but the two foot waves made it a bit difficult to really cut hard or just stay up for that matter. None of the Tunisians had ever met Canadians before so we were sort of like mini celebrities. Everywhere we went people asked if we really were from Canada and if we could speak French. The Tunisians actually learn 4 languages in school Arabic, French (were colonized by the French), English and then a choice between German, Italian and Spanish. We would like to have thought we could escape all the Germans, but no luck. Most people spoke French and if the didn’t speak French it was almost guaranteed that they spoke German. Not much for English speaking people there. Every night there were dances and shows to go to. One particular night was a skit night put on by the staff. I was luckily chosen to participate in the French salon skit which included them filling my hair with about a can of shaving cream and molding it in to different shapes and designs. I washed my hair twice that night and still had shaving cream in it for the next day. On the last night I was chosen to participate in a competition where they choose which Country had the best man. I had to compete with the French, Germans, Italians, and Portuguese. The vote was audience decided and unfortunately for Canada there was only one Canadian in the crowd, and about 100 French and another 50 Germans, Italians and Portuguese. To make matters worse I had to sing and convince the crowd to sing along with me, flex in a muscle competition, kiss as many ladies in 30 seconds as I possibly could, put on an aerobics program, and in a race gather as many women’s shoes as I could before the other countries. Well considering that I can’t sing, I don’t have muscles, while racing to kiss the ladies I tripped on a chair and cut the end of my toe off and proceeded to bleed all over my sandals, followed by which I only got 20 some women’s shoes (although I saw the German and French guy taking men’s shoes as well, Cheaters!), and not to mention that I am to out of shape to do aerobics I did OK. I only lost to the French guy, but not before stealing some of his countrymen into the final vote for me. Considering I forgot the words to YMCA I think I did pretty good.

Other then that I laid in the sun, read 3 books, and ate lots and lots of free food. Well I hope you had a good week too.

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