Snowboarding Tricks

Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Well as some of you know I can be a bit competitive at times. Lately it has been with snowboarding. I usually get a chance to go once every week or two and everytime I am out I am always telling Vic that we need to work on our 360s. Well I can do a few small grabs and 180s are pretty easy so I figured I was ready for the big time. Vic goes first. Basically lands his 360 giving me even more confidence in my meager abilities. Needless to say I get some speed launch of the jump and start to spin … in both directions. To the side and into a back flip. My 360 attempt has turned into a Rodeo attempt. Not a good idea and as it turns out my helmet works good and my body is much more flexible then I thought. In other words a head plant followed by folding in half over top of my head. Blah…. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt all that seriously and managed to slithered my way down the hill and into a nice hot shower to deal with my back pain.

As a side note I seem to be having some trouble with the website and my email. I am talking with the hosting company, but haven’t heard back yet. Please send emails to my hotmail account. If you don’t know it let me know and I will send you a quick email.

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