Crazy Norwegians

Author: Jeremy Teeuwsen

Well the crazy Norwegians are here again. It is kind of like being at home. They all want to ski in the powder, do big jumps or big cliffs. One of them whipped of a double back flip on the first day.

Tomorrow we do a ski tour over the glacier and assuming that I don’t have to teach skiing in one of the local ski schools I hope to be going. (side note: I had to teach skiing at a different ski school today, because the Norwegians brought their own instructors and the local shop need help.) The ski tour usually consists of lots of powder skiing and seeing as we are with the Norwegians I am sure that they will be stopping to make jumps as well as other crazy Norwegian type things. If all goes to plan I will bring the video camera and hopefully have some good footage for you all to check out.

Another side note this time about the Norwegians. It seems that they are all involved in extreme sports and that there is a school for each extreme sport from motorcross to skiing to …. At any rate after you go to the extreme sports school you can get some additional training as a teacher and then your career is teaching extreme sports to others that want to teach extreme sports and so goes the cycle. Now I am sure that there are opportunities in North America, but it doesn’t seem to be quite as easy to do as it does there. At anyrate I think I know what I want to do when we get back to Canada. 🙂

I did a bit of a reword on this post as Dan said it didn’t make any sense. I am still not sure it makes a whole lot of sense.

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